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Jesse, Tara, and Lincoln
We moved to LA a year ago and wanted to get a boat in the Marina.
Oscar & Kim
My wife and I have been shopping around for a nice boat to enjoy our free time since our kids are now grown up and moved out of our house. After extensive research we decided to purchase a yacht and went to the LA boat show in Marina Del Rey. 
Jennifer & Delten
I wish I could be selfish on this one because I don't want to share my secret. But... I have to tell you that Carefree Boat Club is hands-down the best boat club in Los Angeles.
Alex & Irina
We like spending as much time on the water as possible - rowing, paddle-boarding, and sailing. For years, what was missing was the exhilarating fun of riding something fast and powerful.
Jennifer & Andrew

Carefree Boat Club is the best! My husband and I love the convenience of having a boat without all of the maintenance that goes with owning a boat.  The boat club is a perfect way to get get out on the water for us. The team at Carefree is extremely professional and accommodating and we would highly recommend them to anyone. 

Joining the CarefreeBoatClub family has been by far the best decision I have made in 2016. Currently, living in Santa Monica and growing up in Boston I have always wanted to own a boat.